Francisco Vazquez Murillo

Historia del sentimiento 2017.jpg

Francisco Vazquez Murillo HISTORIA DEL SENTIMIENTO 2017 Installation, variable measures. 2k video color, no sound. Projection on canvas 530 x 240 cm Exhibition views Kaus Australis. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Francisco Vazquez Murillo (born 1980 in Rosario, ARG) Holds a degree in Philosophy, from University of Rosario. He lives in Buenos Aires since 2005. Previous residencies include Kaus Australis in Rotterdam, RSDNART in Yucatan, Mexico, Nido Errante in Chaltén, Patagonia. He was part of the 2016th Artist programme of the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and awarded with the FNA - CONTI grant in 2015, in Argentina.

His work includes a wide range of media such as video installations, sculpture, painting and performances in order to create a mental space playing with the presences/absent of human body to somehow explore relations between landscape and nature, distance and representation, word and earth.

Sachi Nagase


Sachi Nagase  burdock root with rice, grilled kimchi green onions, roasted black sesame seeds 2017 Sprouted Radish Supper Club at TechArtista


Sachi Nagase is an artist, chef, and pastry cook. She received her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and has exhibited in multiple galleris including the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Des Lee Gallery, and Front/Space. She received the Marsha Hertzman Blasingame Award in Printmaking (2016), the Ellen Battel Stoeckel Fellowship (2016) and the Caroline Risque Sculpture Prize (2017). She attended the Yale/Norfolk Summer School of Art (2016) and Mildred’s Lane Summer Residency (2017). Sachi’s work is influenced by her culinary practices, which include Sprouted Radish Supper Club, a collaborative dining experience she created with Katie Yun in the fall of 2016. She and Katie created an accessible fine dining experience--$12 multi-course meals that were rooted in their prospective East Asian-American backgrounds and reflected the smells and tastes they had lost from their childhoods. Sachi is currently based in Oakland, CA and works as a line cook and pastry cook at Octavia restaurant in San Francisco. She continues to run her cake business Sachi’s Cakes, and collaborates with Katie Yun to run their burgeoning artist collective, both/&.

Kean O'Brien


Kean O'Brien -  Mapping A Genocide 2016

Kean O’Brien is an artist and educator living in Los Angeles. His work revolves around ideas of deconstructing and reconstructing masculinity, queer strategies for survival, binary systems of oppression, and the construction of identification. Kean holds an MFA from CalArts, a BFA from SAIC and is currently the Associate Chair of Photography at The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He is an organizer with The Los Angeles Tenants Union, which demands truly affordable and safe housing for renters by fighting for universal rent control. He has worked with the coalition BHAAAD (Boyle Heights Alliance Against Artwashing and Displacement), where he is in solidarity with the community of Boyle Heights in fighting artwashing as a form of gentrification

Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera

AlexisRuiseco-Lombera_Untitled(silueta performance 001)_Silver Gelatin Print_ 2017_30x40in..jpg

AlexisRuiseco-Lombera_Untitled(silueta performance 001) Silver Gelatin Print 2017  30x40in.

B. Guines, Cuba. Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera is a Cuban born-American photographer based in Brooklyn. Their work investigates notions of identity, trauma, and displacement, responding to hyper-masculinity within Cuban culture. Determined by memory, revolution, and family (both created and inherited) their image making is prompted by the intersection between the LGBTQI+ and Cuban community and what is introjected and asserted in and between these seemingly disparate identities. As the actor and director they explore the physicality of performance, in their self-portraiture and portraiture, to examine personal and social narratives of intimacy and sexual identity. Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera received his BFA from Parsons in 2016 and has shown works at Milk Gallery NYC, Kendal Gallery in Miami, the Leslie Lohman Museum(forthcoming), has been featured in VICE, Teeth Magazine, has been awarded the EnFoco Fellowship in 2018, and has been a performer at the Museum of Modern Art.

Art Seed at Marble House Project

Trine Søndergaard, 2015, 120x120cm.jpg

Trine Søndergaard, Untitled Mirror #6, archival pigment print, 2015, 120x120cm

Trine Søndergaard (b. 1972) is a Danish photography-based visual artist. Søndergaard lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Trine Søndergaard’s work is marked by a precision and a sensibility that co-exist with an investigation of the medium of photography, its boundaries and what constitutes an image. Layered with meaning and quiet emotion, her works are highly acclaimed for their visual intensification of our perception of reality. She has been awarded the Albert Renger-Patzsch Prize and has received numerous grants and fellowships, including a three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. Trine Søndergaard’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions around the world and is wellrepresented in museum collections, for instance Museum of Fine Arts Houston-USA, MUSAC-Spain, Gothenburg Museum of Art-Sweden, The National Museum of Norway, The Israel Museum, Maison Européenne de la Photographie-France, and AROS-Denmark. Trine Søndergaard has published books with Steidl, Hatje Cantz, Hassla Books and FabrikBooks. She has also exhibited and published extensively in collaboration with the Danish artist Nicolai Howalt. Trine Søndergaard is represented by Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, and Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York.

Art Seed at Marble House Project