Frequently Asked Questions


What is the application deadline?

The application for the 2020 artist in residency program opens on October 1st, 2019 and closes midnight, December 9th, 2019. The Collaborative residency application opens in March 2020, and the deadline to apply is May 15th, 2020

When will I be notified?

All applicants will be notified by email on or before February 22, 2020 for the artist residency, family friendly residency, and culinary arts residency.  Applicants for the collaborative residency will be notified by email by June 1st, 2020. 

How long is each residency session?

Each artist residency session lasts approximately three weeks and the family friendly residency lasts for approximately two weeks  The collaborative Winter Residency is 10 days.    

What are the dates for the 2020 residency sessions?  (Dates may be subject to change)

April 13th - May 5th 

May 11th - June 2nd

June 8th – June 30th 

July 13th - July 28th (Family Friendly only)  

August 3rd - August 25th

August 31st - September 22nd

October 5th - October 27th

The Collaborative Residency dates will take place in November of 2018 and March of 2019.  Exact dates to be determined.

Is there an application fee?    

Yes.  There is a $35.00 application fee for all residency applications.

Are there any other fees that I need to know about?

The artist residency, culinary residency and family friendly residency are free to all accepted artists. If you are accepted into the artist residency, family friendly, or culinary arts residency, there is a $100 place holder deposit due upon signing the contract. The place holder fee is fully refundable after completing the residency.  For Family Friendly residents, there is an additional $200 fee to offset partner food costs (if you bring a partner for any portion of the residency). For the collaborative residency program, the group residency fee is $5000 for up to 8 artists.

How often can I apply?

You can apply once a year.  If you have already been accepted in a prior year you must skip two years before you reapply.  For example if you were a resident in 2017 you may reapply in 2019 for the 2020 residency. 

Can I have visitors? 

Yes.  With appropriate notice, you can have visitors during the day to your studio and the grounds of Marble House Project. If visitors stay for dinner, we ask for a $20 contribution per meal.  We do not allow visitors to spend the night at Marble House Project since it is disruptive to the other artists sharing the house. There are many inns, camping grounds and motels in the area, which can be provided upon request or are accessible here.  

Can my pet attend with me?

No.  We cannot accommodate pets during the residency sessions. 

Can I apply with my collaborator during the Artist or Culinary residency? 

Yes, but we will not accept more than two people as a team. Teams may share studio space, and often a bedroom (with separate beds).  If you apply as a team, please make it clear on your application.  This applies only to the artist residency, and culinary artist residency. If you are applying to the collaborative residency at Marble House Project, we can accommodate up to 8 people working together but groups need to be a minimum of 3.

Do you supply materials?

No.  We do not supply materials but we will help you procure them if necessary. You can also mail items in advance of your residency.

How do I get there?

Located in Dorset, Vermont we are approximately four hours from New York and Boston. We are accessible by connecting buses to Manchester, VT (both Greyhound and Amtrak). The nearest airports are Rutland, VT and Albany, NY. For more detailed information, please click here for our transportation document..


Arrival and Departure Times

Residents are welcome to arrive anytime between noon and 5 PM on the first day of their residency. We ask that you let us know an arrival window to enable our staff to plan. There is a welcome dinner at 6 PM on the first day of each session, and we strongly recommend that all residents arrive in time for the meal.  We ask residents to depart Marble House Project by 11 AM on the last day of their residency. 

Arriving by car:

Marble House Project 

1161 Dorset West Road

Dorset, Vermont 05251

Click here for driving directions via Google maps. Please leave extra time! It often takes an additional hour or so than anticipated to arrive.  

Transit note for residents: 

Manchester, VT is the closest large town with public transit options near Dorset. If you are coming by public transportation, you will need to take a bus to Manchester, VT. There is both Greyhound service, as well as an Amtrak train to bus connection to Manchester, VT (input Manchester, VT as your destination on Amtrak to see the applicable trains).  Marble House Project offers pick-up service to all of our artists who arrive between noon and 5 PM on arrival day. 

Coming from NYC or Boston to Albany

By Bus and Train:

The Greyhound Bus runs from Port Authority in New York City to Manchester, Vermont, with a stop in Albany. There is one bus per day that departs from New York at 11am and arrives in Manchester at 4:10pm. The total travel time is 5h 10m. This is probably your best arrival option from NYC.  A Marble House Project staff member will pick you up from the bus stop. 

 Amtrak also runs a service to Albany-Rensselaer, NY with a connecting bus to Manchester, VT. The train leaves New York Penn at 7:15 AM and arrives to Manchester, VT at noon. You can find this by searching Manchester, VT as your final destination on the Amtrak website (make sure you don’t end up in New Hampshire!). A Marble House Project staff member will pick you up from the bus stop in Manchester as long as you are on that early train and get the connecting service to Manchester.  

 ***Please note that MOST trains arriving to Albany do NOT have connecting bus service to Manchester! Be sure to purchase a train ticket with connecting bus service. 

 Flight Connections:

The nearest airports are Rutland, VT (with connections to Boston on Cape Air) or to Albany, NY. If you’re arriving by air, please note that you must also arrange transit to Marble House/ or Manchester. Both airports have rental cars available or limited bus connections to Manchester. 

From Rutland Airport: There are four daily buses run by “The Bus” company that go from the Airport south to Manchester. Details here:

From the Albany Airport: The Vermont Shires Connector offers two daily bus services from the Albany Airport to Manchester, VT. Details on that here: 

Taxi Service:

There is no current taxi service, or Uber or Lyft service in Dorset or the surrounding areas.

 A note on our location:

Marble House Project is located in the small, rural town of Dorset, VT. We provide bikes to our residents and it is about 2 miles to the near by general stores, post office, and bakery in Dorset. Manchester is 10 minutes away via car, and a strenuous bike ride on busy roads. If you plan to venture further afield, or need regular access to stores for materials, please plan to bring or rent a car for the duration of your residency. 

Can I choose the dates that I want to come?

No, but you can tell us on the application which dates you are available.  Each session accommodates 8 artists and is specifically curated to bring together a diverse group of creative workers to maximize potential for collaboration and dialogue while in residence and beyond.  

What if I cannot stay for the entire artist residency?

We ask all of our residents in each session to stay for the duration.  We understand that conflicts occur and there are times when residents need to leave for a day or two.  Each residency is curated with an eye towards cohesion and group dynamic and when residents leave for longer than a day or two it can be disruptive to the group as a whole.  

How many artists and what types are there in each session?

Each session has approximately 8 artists.  Each session generally has two or three visual artists, two or three writers, one musician and one choreographer/Dancer or Performance artist and one culinary artist. 

Can you tell me about the studio spaces?

Each artist is provided with a private studio space. All artist studios have workspace, tables, chairs, lights and high speed internet (except for the culinary artist). Artist studios have white walls and areas to pin up artwork. Most of the studio buildings are equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. The studio spaces are flexible depending on the size requirements and needs of each individual artist.  MHP has a music studio with a baby grand piano and many other instruments, a dance studio with sprung floors, and seven additional spaces for writers and visual artists. We have a prep kitchen for our culinary artists. With the exception of the dance studio (which is located in Marble House itself), all of our studios are in outbuildings on the property. For more details, photos, and studio information please visit here.

Are the studios and living space accessible for persons with disabilities?

Yes. We have one bedroom and bathroom within the main house and two studio spaces that are accessible. For further information please email 

Do you have tools that we can use or must we bring our own?

MHP has a limited number of tools.  We have a chopsaw, table saw, grinders, sanders, a drill press, compressor, a generator and hand tools. We do not provide nails, screws or other items that might be needed for the tools.  We also have a sewing machine, a serger,  and an office printer. 

Can you tell me about the living space?

The house is a large 1820s federal home made of local marble. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. There is ample living and dining space, an office with a working printer and a kitchen with all necessary items for communal use. There are washers and dryers, high speed Internet and fans in every room. The house does not have air-conditioning in the summer but does have heat in the winter. The house itself is spacious so artists can spend time both together and alone.  Photos of the house

Will I have my own bedroom?  

Each artist has their own private bedroom, unless they are working as a collaborative team or have applied to the family friendly residency (where they might share their room with their child or spouse).  Four bedrooms have a private en suite bath, and four bedrooms share a single bath with one other bedroom.  

Do I need to bring sheets, pillows, blankets or towels?

No.  MHP provides sheets, pillows and bathing towels. We do not provide towels for outdoor use. If you intend to swim, please bring a beach towel.

What else do I need to bring?

You should bring any materials you will need for your practice.  You will want a warm sweater since it can get chilly, especially during April and May and September and October.  A pair of house slippers are recommended since MHP has a no shoes in the house rule.  

Do I need to buy my own food?

We provide basic groceries for the house and communal dinners. We do not provide snack foods or alcohol. If you have extensive dietary restrictions, there is a organic grocery store 10 minutes away in Manchester, VT where you can purchase what you need. Marble House Project provides a large list of staples for the artists, but cannot accommodate every dietary need.

Is there a Chef who cooks for us at Marble House Project?

No. Due to our focus on sustainability and to promote group cohesion, our artists (including the culinary artist) pair up and cook dinner for the group. Our farm offers plenty of garden fresh inspiration and simple meals are fine! Breakfast and lunch are up to you (we provide staples), and weekends are free.  MHP staff cooks a welcome and goodbye dinner on the first and last nights of each residency. We also shop for the house twice a week. 

Are there places to shop near Marble House Project?

Yes.  Manchester, VT can provide almost anything needed.  It is a ten minute drive from Marble House Project, and has grocery and natural food stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, drug stores and restaurants.  For those without a car, Dorset, a small town with marble sidewalks is a ten-minute bike ride away. Dorset has two great general stores, and a farmers market on Sunday mornings. 

What else can I do in Dorset?  

Dorset and the surrounding area offer many activities. There are art shows, world-class theatre, music, hiking and biking trails, quarries, farmers markets and great shopping all amid a rural yet sophisticated backdrop. You can visit the Dorset and or Manchester Website for more information.

What if I don’t have a car?  

Marble House Project has bicycles that residents can use. As mentioned above, it is a quick, mostly flat 2 mile ride to the town of Dorset. Manchester is 8 miles away, but on a heavily trafficked road. You can accompany staff into Manchester as needed. There are also rental cars available in Bennington, Rutland, and Albany. Depending on what your project is while in residence, you may want to have a car available to source supplies, explore the region, and to access hiking trails.  

Can’t I just get a Lyft or an Uber? 

Unfortunately, our region of Vermont is rural and does not provide Lyft or Uber access. Please keep this in mind when arranging transit as we cannot accommodate early morning or late night pick-ups except in emergencies. 

What is expected of each resident?

We expect each resident to participate fully in the Marble House Project experience. MHP is a communal environment and it is very important that our residents be respectful of our space, and one another. We do not view our residency as a one-off where artists come and then never return.  We view it as a symbiotic relationship in which place, space and people are made more creative by the environment in which they live.  

Each resident is asked to be very conscious of our environment.  This means among others things, recycling, composting, and turning out lights when not in use, and not being wasteful. Residents are expected to clean up after themselves and to leave their bedrooms, bathrooms and studio space in exactly the way they found it.  We ask each resident to participate and attend ART SEED, potentially be a juror for the following years residency program, and support each other during the time that they are in residence. We also require all of our artists to leave a credit card on file in the event of damage and to sign a liability waiver. If work is substantially created at MHP and is published, exhibited or performed, we require a credit mention. We encourage our artists to donate a piece of work at the close of their residency. This could be a signed book, CD, or piece of art for MHP’s permanent collection. We also ask that you share your experiences at MHP on your social networks, if you feel comfortable doing so.

What am I not allowed to do?

You are not allowed to dump toxic materials down the sinks.  You are not allowed to build fires in the houses or studios or use candles.  Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all of our buildings. We do not allow glass containers near the pool or quarry. We ask residents to treat each other and our staff with respect. 

What is ART-SEED?

 ART SEED is an intimate, up-close look at our resident artists working within their fields. Although not required, we ask all of our artists to participate in presenting their work to our local community and to each other. ART SEED typically takes the form of performance, readings, and open studios. 

How is the farm program related to the artist residency?

The farm exists to feed our residents with local, organic produce and farm fresh eggs. We ask our artists to help us on the farm. Although not required, each artist is asked to spend an afternoon or morning, in the garden working with our staff. Artists plant, harvest, weed, water, and learn about sustainable agriculture practices to help become stewards of the land (both at MHP and afterwards).  

Can you tell me about the Culinary artist residency?

There is one culinary artist in each residency.  Culinary artists experiment with their own food in their studio space (they do not cook for the rest of the residents).  Culinary artists participate in their own ART SEED, which may take the form of a Farm to Table dinner, or another creative cooking endeavor.  Each culinary artist has use of the garden and is given a studio kitchen to experiment and create.  Marble House Project gives the culinary artist a budget for their ART SEED, if they choose to do a Farm to Table dinner.  No other materials are covered by Marble House.  The culinary artist is often the bridge between the farm and the artists.

Can you tell me specifically about the Family Friendly residency?

MHP has one family friendly residency in 2020 that occurs from July 13th - July 28th. This residency is designed specifically for artist parents with children.  We understand that there are many parents who cannot or will not leave their children for a length of time, and we realize that there are not many residencies that will allow children.  Marble House Project provides art and ecology programming and other physical and enriching activities for the children, weekdays, from 9 till 3:30 pm.  Lunch is also provided so that the parent artists have more time to work uninterrupted in their studios. The culinary artist at MHP also helps prepare weekday dinner meals with assistance from the families. Each family is provided one or two bedrooms depending on the age of the child and the needs of the parent.  Programming for the children is for 3 years and older.  If you are applying for this residency with a child who is younger than three, you or your partner will need to be responsible for the child’s care (and it may be worth waiting until your child can take part in the Kid’s Camp).  The family friendly residency is free to the artist and their child or children ages 17 and under.  If you bring a partner or spouse for any portion of the residency, there is a $200 fee to help defray the additional food costs.