Francisco Vazquez Murillo

Historia del sentimiento 2017.jpg

Francisco Vazquez Murillo HISTORIA DEL SENTIMIENTO 2017 Installation, variable measures. 2k video color, no sound. Projection on canvas 530 x 240 cm Exhibition views Kaus Australis. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Francisco Vazquez Murillo (born 1980 in Rosario, ARG) Holds a degree in Philosophy, from University of Rosario. He lives in Buenos Aires since 2005. Previous residencies include Kaus Australis in Rotterdam, RSDNART in Yucatan, Mexico, Nido Errante in Chaltén, Patagonia. He was part of the 2016th Artist programme of the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and awarded with the FNA - CONTI grant in 2015, in Argentina.

His work includes a wide range of media such as video installations, sculpture, painting and performances in order to create a mental space playing with the presences/absent of human body to somehow explore relations between landscape and nature, distance and representation, word and earth.