Hanne G


Group_textile_2018_H200cm_forTextileBiennalePoland SPLINTER GROUP is an installation of 5 hanging objects forming a “meeting/gathering”. SPLINTER GROUP generally means “a small organisation that has broken away from a larger one”. In this context I want the group to signify the possibilities of independency, freedom and new ways as well as an underlying expression of loneliness

Hanne G represents the innovative and experimental attitude in textile arts. She creates works whose expression is both rational and irrational, scientific, mystic and humorous. Hanne G transforms the textile medium to address tactility and the nature of perception. Hanne G (born 1963) has a Masters of Arts in Architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and she has been working primarily as an artist for the last 12 years. She has participated in several international exhibitions. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.