Lisa Fliegel

Lisa Fliegel is a writer and International Trauma Specialist, who served as a journalist covering the Middle East Peace Process. Lisa’s award-winning non-fiction has appeared in The Times of London, The Jerusalem Post Magazine, Response, Midstream, ARC, and The Tel-Aviv Review, among other journals. Her academic publications include New Directions in Youth Development, and The American Journal of Art Therapy. Lisa has her undergraduate degree in Hebrew Literature from the Tel-Aviv Teacher’s Seminary; and her writing is richly informed by a bi-lingual, multi-cultural perspective.

Lisa founded and directed the award-winning Arts Incentives Program (AIP) in Boston. AIP was recognized by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), for its success in reducing disparities in minority contact in the Juvenile Justice System. In April 2015, Ms. Fliegel published a chapter on her program model, titled “Good Looking Out,” in the book: “Latanya: Gangs, Girls and Guns, Workbook & Leader’s Guide” (The Latanya Series).

Ms Fliegel’s current book “The Clinical Adventures of a Bullet Proof Therapist,” fuses the universal imperative of narrative journalism with the intimacy and singularity of a memoir. These narratives of healing are drawn from three disparate places where she has worked, that have faced seemingly intractable pain and conflict: inner-city Boston, Israel/Palestine, and Northern Ireland. Creating healing relationships at the intersections of these conflict zones, in a quest to learn from examples of positive change; frames this story with a distilled wisdom that can dramatically reshape how we interpret violence and achieve resolution.