Keisha Turner

Performer and educator, Keisha Turner, has Chicago and Brooklyn roots, and is based in Oakland, CA. She is a former touring company member and current teaching artist and BOLD (Builders, Organizers, and Leaders through Dance) Facilitator with critically acclaimed dance company Urban Bush Women. Keisha is a creative change-maker with growing ties to the many resistance movements taking place in the Bay Area. She is also a certified yoga instructor, and is committed to offering body-positive, life-affirming classes that create space for participants to prioritize self-care and self-awareness as an entry point to engaging with their communities. Her creative enterprise, EarthChild, is a collection of love-offerings comprised of performance, yoga classes, and body care products to celebrate, heal, and uplift oppressed communities. In her artistic practice, she values the ability of African American/African diasporic traditions of dance and improvisation to intersect with contemporary performance art to tell stories that probe issues of politics, culture, and identity.