Sarah Shellow

Sarah Shellow is a writer, an educator, and a yoga teacher. Her novel, Slack Tide, explores the fluidity of sexuality, love, and hope in modern-day America. In her nonfiction work, she writes about the confluence of yoga, culture, and relationships in Cuba, spanning a time period of twelve years during which many changes occurred within Cuba and within her own emotional landscape. Sarah holds a MS in Museum and Elementary Education from Bank Street College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. For eighteen years, she has taught literacy education to students of all ages, including graduate teaching fellows in Washington, D.C. through Center for Inspired Teaching’s Inspired Teacher Certification Program. Inspired by her experiences with the Cuban yoga community, she has taught yoga for the past ten years. Currently, she is working with several members of the yoga community in Cuba to continue to build a bridge between people of the United States and Cuba through the practices of yoga and meditation. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry has appeared in the Pitkin Review and the Atticus Review, as well as in the on-line poetry site, As it Ought to Be. For three consecutive years, she has placed as a finalist in the Summer Literary Seminars Unified Literary Contest. In January of 2015, she was a recipient of a merit-based scholarship at the Key West Literary Seminars. She has served as an associate editor for the Potomac Review and the Pitkin Review. Presently, she is a fiction editor for Clockhouse.