Felisia Tandiono

After arriving in the United States and living nomadically, it wasn’t until one summer when Felisia Tandiono enrolled at a local kitchen training that she discovered her buried passion of cooking and everything related to culinary. It all came back in a circle with her family roots in different food productions from spice milling to snack and baked goods manufacturing in Indonesia. Felisia has cooked in various kitchens and dining services from fast-casual concessions to boutique and large-format catering services. She has contributed to the menu and recipe development at Maple, The Brooklyn Kitchen, Knockdown Center along with managing its kitchen. Her passion and care about sustainable practice and responsible sourcing had led her to hit the ground running with Greenpoint Fish & Losbter and The Meat Hook at Threes. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and currently lived in Brooklyn where she shares tropical spirit, vibrant flavors and socio-cultural awareness through a moveable pop-up.