Gioia Kuss

Gioia Kuss is a photographer, printmaker, and land-use planner from Weybridge Vermont, USA. The combination of art and science in her academic background informs her images of natural and man-made structures and processes. Her photojournalistic style and sensibility is strengthened by her work as a counselor in Vermont communities, which were damaged by severe flooding after Tropical Storm Irene. These experiences drove home how important and vulnerable society is from the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. While firmly rooted in Vermont, she has lived in Paris, the Swiss Alps, and several states across the US. Speaking other languages has helped in her quest to understand different cultural and natural environments while traveling widely. She works for clients on commercial and private editorial projects. Her personal projects explore the way we as humans live on and with the earth, working with themes related to climate change and the environment. Gioia received a BA from Middlebury College and an MA from the Conway School of Landscape Design. In addition, she has taught art, math, and science at the high school level and Printmaking at Green Mountain College.