Jonathan Bonfiglio

Jonathan Bonfiglio is an independent explorer, writer and producer. He is the author of multiple critically-acclaimed plays, as well as ad hoc poetry and prose pieces.

He has been described in Mexico’s La Jornada as being “one of the most groundbreaking producers of his generation”, on Talk Radio in the UK as being “awesome“, and in The News as being “a Renaissance Man, tirelessly working to forge cultural bonds,” with the Richmond Times in the UK stating that he is “the thinking man’s playwright.

In October 2016, he received widespread international attention after going missing in the Mexican jungle for 6 days, surviving in just his underwear on a diet of raw fish captured in a mosquito net.

Bonfiglio gives talks around the world on multiple subjects, including memory, the oceans, movement, literature and a variety of topics related to the environment, progressive endeavors and territories over the horizon.