Wylie Wirth

Wylie Wirth is a professional drummer and a seasoned designer, craftsman and artisan. He’s performed several thousands of shows internationally as a drummer/percussionist, been signed to major record labels and been involved in hundreds of recording sessions making records. Wirth was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1968 and from an early age was exposed to many styles of music – studying violin, mandolin, drums and piano privately. He chose the drums and enrolled at The Berkley College of Music in Boston and after three semesters as a performance major he joined a band, dropped out of school and moved to NYC. One year later, Wirth and his band mates of the Sweet Lizard Illtet were signed to Warner Brothers, and their record was released in 26 countries. After internationally touring and rehearsing, Wirth returned to New York and was introduced to the owner of a Cabinet making shop in Soho, NYC. He quickly learned the trade by devoting days to woodwork and nights to music with his bands: Sexpod (opening act for Joan Jett),The Dope Pages(showcasing for David Byrne)and Vaporhead(featured band for Squeezebox party at Don Hills) to name a few.  As a wood worker he has built permanent pieces of furniture for the Guggenheim, Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and numerous other artists, galleries, TV, film, advertising, etc. Currently by day he’s building custom items for clients out of his Sunset Park workshop and playing shows and constantly recording by night.