Pavel Kraus

For over 20 years, Kraus’s main body of work has been an investigation of concepts of sex, death, and spiritual offerings, executed in a variety of materials.  In most recent years, his work has explored these themes via complex sculptural installations executed in glass, encaustic, and marble.  Since 2004, he has worked with a group of craftsmen in India using “Pietre Dure”, a technique consisting of marble pieces inlaid with semi-precious stones.    Using this technique, he worked on a project focused on his personal DNA, as well as a group of marble pieces, Offerings/Redemption. His most recently completed piece, Roman Wedding, is an installation piece that is part of Sex Death Offerings. Roman Wedding was partially sponsored by the Peter S. Reed Foundation. Using encaustic, he created two and three-dimensional pieces with varying scales.  In public and private commissions, he has employed a variety of other untraditional art media as well. For his work Kraus travels internationally, including exhibits in Prague, Lisbon, and London.  Since 1985, he has been shown extensively in New York City.  He designed a full wall installation of my work Electric Candies for “Design on a Dime”, a benefit in 2013 raising $1.1 million for HIV/AIDs in New York City.  Reaching beyond solely visual projects, he has collaborated with American composer Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and in 2011, he created a stage design for his opera, Erzsébet.  Publications from both Europe and United States have reviewed his work, including Art in America, which featured his work numerous times.