Alon Cohen

Alon Cohen is a producer, composer/sound designer and a drummer. He has collaborated extensively with artists across multiple disciplines – music, film & video, dance-movement, theater and art installations.  The producer of the seminal album Shake Off The Dust… Arise by Grammy  nominee musician Matisyahu, Sierra Leone superstars Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew, hip hop artist Y-Love, Ta-Shma and others. He has collaborated internationally with a wide variety of artists, including Sting (Remixes, Universal 2004) Jazz virtuoso Andy Statman, The Lyricist Lounge, Easy Star and others. In addition, he conceptualized, produced, recorded and perform numerous musical projects, including Forgiveness: Ancient cantorial music soundscapes of electronic and ambient music (Rawkus Records 1996, JMG 2006); Riddim’tion: Mystical music of Chassidut (12Tribe 2010); Bring Back Reality: A musical multimedia performance and others. He is also an accomplished drummer who played and toured with major and indie artists around the world playing wide variety of music styles. He is the co-founder and the creative vision behind production company and label 12 Tribe Sound. Alon is a graduate of The Jerusalem Art School where he studied film, theater and art history. He is a founding member of the Israeli band Nosei HaMigbaat (The Top Hat Carriers) 1987-1992 which played a major role in the emergence of Israeli musical counter-culture and inspired documentaries, tribute events, academic papers, and a novel. Film & Video credits for soundtrack and sound design, including the documentary Awake Zion (U.S, Jamaica 2012) The Chosen Ones (US, Germany 2009) Postcard Sky (Israel 1998) Submerged (US 2013) The Diamond Sky Tiffany & co at the Guggenheim Museum (NYC 2014)