Sachi Nagase

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Sachi Nagase  burdock root with rice, grilled kimchi green onions, roasted black sesame seeds 2017 Sprouted Radish Supper Club at TechArtista

Sachi Nagase is an artist, chef, and pastry cook. She received her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and has exhibited in multiple galleris including the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Des Lee Gallery, and Front/Space. She received the Marsha Hertzman Blasingame Award in Printmaking (2016), the Ellen Battel Stoeckel Fellowship (2016) and the Caroline Risque Sculpture Prize (2017). She attended the Yale/Norfolk Summer School of Art (2016) and Mildred’s Lane Summer Residency (2017). Sachi’s work is influenced by her culinary practices, which include Sprouted Radish Supper Club, a collaborative dining experience she created with Katie Yun in the fall of 2016. She and Katie created an accessible fine dining experience--$12 multi-course meals that were rooted in their prospective East Asian-American backgrounds and reflected the smells and tastes they had lost from their childhoods. Sachi is currently based in Oakland, CA and works as a line cook and pastry cook at Octavia restaurant in San Francisco. She continues to run her cake business Sachi’s Cakes, and collaborates with Katie Yun to run their burgeoning artist collective, both/&.

Katie Yun

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Katie Yun is an artist and a chef whose work explores identity and its inherent politics. In 2017, she completed her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Printmaking from Washington University in St. Louis, along with a double major in Psychology and Brain Sciences. She was awarded the Eda L. and Clarence C. Cushing Memorial Prize in Painting in 2016 and the Peter Marcus Prize in Printmaking in 2017. Katie’s work has been shown in multiple galleries including the Des Lee Gallery, the Duet Gallery, and the Granite City Art and Design District Gallery in St. Louis. In the fall of 2016, Katie and Sachi Nagase founded the Sprouted Radish Supper Club, to create food experiences with roots in East-Asian cooking for diverse groups of people. The primary focus was to create an accessible dining experience– six courses for $12– and bring people from different communities together. Having fed over 200 people, Katie and Sachi create dishes around their need to rediscover the smells and tastes they have lost from their childhoods. Currently, Katie is based in Shelburne Falls, MA where she recently completed a printmaking apprenticeship with Wingate Studio in New Hampshire. She continues to host multi–course dinners which are "pay what you wish.” She will be working for Eleven Madison Park in NYC starting in the Spring of 2018.