Cole Carothers and Shilpa Nandwani,


Classic Indian baked potato pancake dish with a health twist of hidden cauliflower and quinoa. Crafted with the love and power of the women generations behind us.

Khao'na Kitchen (pronounced KAH-OWN-A), founded by Cole Carothers and Shilpa Nandwani, was built on the footsteps of revolutionaries before us who believed in the power of community and fought for their rights to thrive. Khao’na means to "eat now" in Visayan and to "feast now" in Punjabi and Khao’na Kitchen is a fusion between Filipino and Indian culture, is cooperatively owned and offers wellness coaching, educational workshops & curriculum, and the catering of traditional Indian + Filipino meals with a healthy twist. Khao'na Kitchen is based in Brooklyn, NY and is a queer, gender non-conforming, woman and people of color-run cooperative. Khao'na Kitchen prides itself on delicious, unique, non-factory methods of creating sustainable food while decolonizing our minds and methods of what it means to create & eat food that has ridges, curves, & bumps yet never sacrificing flavor or integrity.