The Organic Farm was begun in 2014 .  Seasonal vegetables and herbs and are grown for the residents and events hosted by Marble House Project.  Residents are encouraged to plant and harvest with the help of our staff and learn about sustainability.  Marble House Project has 13 chickens that produce eggs daily and the farm is utilized most frequently by our culinary artists.  Whether it is planting, harvesting or just observing, residents learn about sustainability, when and how to plant,  and why growing organically makes sense for our planet.  Our artists rely on the farm for their food and it connects them to the earth.  

What we grow.    Growing is seasonal so what we have in the spring is often not what we have available in the fall.  We grow lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, Pumpkins, watermelon, berries, root vegetables to name a few.


The Charles Downing Lay Gardens

The Charles Downing Lay gardens were commissioned by Edwin Lefevre in 1914.   Lay, famous  for his public parks initiatives  and founding Landscape Architecture Magazine, created a Italiante garden in Dorset Vermont.  Over 36 hand carved planters, benches and fountains were created specifically for this garden. In addition, a marble tea house and stone pergola enhance the formal gardens.  Water is gravity fed and  sent from the spring house down through the gardens to create a magic and old world presence rarely seen today.  



Stacks of Marble blocks were abandoned in 1870 when the production quarry was closed down.  The Sanford Quarry was the 4th largest quarry in Dorset.  Today, the quarry is overrun with nature, waterfalls and hidden sculptures by our artists in residence.