Chaya Babu

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Chaya Babu is a writer, journalist, educator, and healer. Her written work centers largely on the themes of race, gender and sexuality, cities, migration, and systemic and intergenerational trauma. Her journalistic work has appeared in Open City, VICE, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Feminist Wire, Racialicious and more. At India Abroad, the oldest and largest newspaper covering and serving the South Asian American diaspora, where she was a staff reporter for three years, Chaya transformed the nature of news and commentary about the community, pushing for a more critical lens on issues pertaining to South Asians in the US. Her stories there spanned a wide range of coverage, from anti-blackness in brown communities, caste patriarchy, and Hindu fundamentalism, to reproductive justice, domestic violence, hate crimes and more. Chaya's literary writing, on which she is currently focusing her attention as she pursues her MFA in Writing at Pratt Institute, aims to approach similar topics from a different angle. Her essays and creative nonfiction have been featured in BuzzFeed, The Margins, Du-Kool Magazine, and others, with a forthcoming piece in a book titled Go Home!—an Asian & Asian-American Anthology of Prose and Poetry, to be published by the Feminist Press and the Asian American Writers' Workshop in March, 2018. For her culture writing, Chaya was selected as a 2016 BuzzFeed Emerging Writers Fellow and a 2015 AAWW Open City Fellow, and as an emerging artist, she has work in the gallery exhibition "Incision" at Project for Empty Space in Newark. She holds an MS in Journalism from Medill and a BA in English from Duke.

Rijard Bergeron


Rijard Bergeron is a poet. Their work has been published in The Poetry Project Newsletter, This Image Journal, and elsewhere. Rijard also makes collage and has most recently published three pieces, two in collaboration with Sara Jane Stoner, for her bookExperience in the Medium of Destruction (Portable Press @ Yo Yo Labs), and one for the cover of Lonely Christopher’s novel THERE (Kristiania). They are very grateful for their friends and their friends who have and continue to be mentors. They invite you to view the photographs they post on their Instagram journal, @rijardbergeron. Rijard lives in Brooklyn where they are the events coordinator for  The Felt.

Susan Fedynak


Susan Fedynak is a writer and artist currently living and creating in her hometown of Queens, NY. Her writing has appeared in the journals Flock, Cleaver, and Fiction Fix, among others. She is a proud member of the NY Writers Coalition community, and has provided free community workshops as a NYWC certified writing workshop leader since 2012.

Rico Frederick


Rico is a graphic designer, performance poet & a MFA Canidate in Writing 2018

Jared Hudson


Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Jared Hudson writes the fiction that he’d like to see in the world. Endlessly inspired by film and television, he likes to try and translate his visual imagination into text as he believes that reading should play like a movie inside your head. If not writing, Jared can be found racking up the hours with Mario and Link on his Nintendo Switch, baking, trying to gain some semblance of control in his life by attaining financial stability, cackling at memes on Facebook and Instagram, occasionally typing up movie reviews and adding things to his ever-growing Netflix watchlist that he hasn’t gotten around to seeing yet.

Nina Oteria



Nina Oteria is a poet from Raleigh, North Carolina. She received her BA in Religion from Wake Forest University. Nina writes about sight, perception, nature, and being a black woman. She is currently an MFA candidate at Pratt Institute working on her first book. She lives in Harlem.

Oskar Peacock

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Oskar Peacock is a writer and filmmaker from New York City. He’s learning how to write about nostalgia in a way that’s less cloying. His most recent films Fetishes (2017) and Behind a Good Song (co-directed 2017) premiered at film festivals across the country including, at The Defy film festival (TN), Woods hole film festival (MA), and The Coney Island Film Festival (NYC).

Natalie Riquelmy


Natalie Riquelmy is a Borikua poet and educator, dedicated to projects of unlearning and healing. She is an alumna of Mount Holyoke College with a BA in Africana Studies, Theatre Arts, and concentration in Artivism, which has since become the basis of her writing, performances, workshops, and work as a facilitator at El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice.

Rachel Simons


Rachel Simons is a writer and performance artist based in Brooklyn. Her work has been featured in Cellar Door, The Stonesthrow Review, and Felt Magazine. She is also a candidate for an MFA in Creative Writing from Pratt and expects to graduate May 2018.

Chiu Yi Hannah Yukon

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Hannah Yukon is a playwright and director who grew up in Singapore. Her essay "I am like you I am not like you" has been published in the Worcester Journal. She is is a Dramatist Guild Writeforchange scholar. Her most recent project "42@location" is an experimental film project about love, strangers and the power of public intimacy will go on tour from New York City to Alaska this summer. She is also working on a book that navigates the healing process of trauma through geometry. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat Micah and roommate Roya Marsh.