2018 was a remarkable year.  

This year marks the completion of five years of programming. With your support and enthusiasm, we are thrilled and proud to have hosted over 300 artists since we began our residency program in the spring of 2014.  Marble House Project has become a name within the residency community. This year, we were awarded (on our first try) a National Endowment for the Arts grant supporting artist communities and we are awaiting news for a second year of funding from the NEA for 2019.  ART SEED is now held on the final weekend of each residency so that we could reach a larger community and give our artists more time and space to create and collaborate prior to sharing their work with our local community. We also made a commitment to keep our artist residency free which allows more underserved artists an opportunity to participate and share their work with you. 

We are proud of our alumni. Work begun at Marble House has made its way into the many corners of our society. This year alone we were thrilled to congratulate Fatima Farheen Mirza (2016) on the publication her debut novel, A Place for Us, now a New York Times Bestseller and begun at Marble House. Martyna Majok (2016) was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her play, Cost of Living, which she in part developed at Marble House. Jules Rosskam (2017) premiered his documentary, Paternal Rites, at the Museum of Modern Art after working on the film while in residency and Kimberly Bartosik (2018) had her premiere of I Hunger For You at the Brooklyn Academy of Music this past November after spending time developing it this summer.  And this is just a small sample of the many, many other accomplishments made by our artists.

The Culinary Arts Residency and the Collaborative Residency also flourished. All of our chef dinners sold out. Our residents used their time to explore new ways of working with food, pulling from the seasonal offerings of our organic garden and engaging with our local farmers.  Each culinary artist became a unique and wonderful bridge between the arts, the environment and our community. And we had our Family Friendly Residency which included, 9 artists, 9 children and 5 spouses. With support from the Sustainable Arts Foundation, our Family Friendly Residency has become the gold standard in the industry providing parent/artists time and space to create while having their children in close proximity.

As we look forward towards 2019, we thank our over 80 alumni for giving back and serving as our jury.. We thank our volunteers and our hardworking staff for the many long hours in the pursuit of seeing to each artist’s needs, for reaching out to our rural community and consistently modeling and integrating environmental and sustainable philosophies within our residency programs.  Dina and I are grateful for everyone who participated, attended and was moved by the work that has been created here.  

Your support makes it possible for us to provide artists with the residency experience, which is not just time and space, but a place for risk-taking, experimentation, and knowledge-sharing. We cannot support these talented creative workers—culinary artists, musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers, philosophers, poets, filmmakers, writers, —without your help.  I write today in hopes that you will give generously so that this important place can continue to grow. Every dollar donated helps fund our residency programs and helps us move forward with our mission to create a sustainable, community that fosters collaboration and the exchange of ideas by providing an environment for artists across disciplines to live and work side by side.

With many thanks and warm wishes,

Danielle Epstein and Dina Schapiro

Founding Directors