What is the application deadline?

The application for the 2017 Residency opens on October 1st and closes midnight, December 31, 2016. 

When will I be notified?

All applicants will be notified by email on February 15th, 2017.  

How long is each residency session?

Each residency session lasts 23 days with the exception of the family friendly residency, which lasts for 16 days. 

What are the dates for the 2017 residency sessions?

April 24th - May 17th

May 22nd- June 14th

June 19th - July 12th

July 17th - August 2nd     Family Friendly

August 7th - August 30th

September 4th - September 27th

October 2nd- October 25th

Is there an application fee?    

Yes.  There is a $30 application fee.

Are there any other fees that I need to know about?

If you are accepted into the residency, there is a $150.00 charge upon signing the contract.    There are no other fees or costs associated with the residency. 

How often can I apply?

You can apply once a year.  If you have already been accepted in a prior year you must skip a year before you reapply.  For example if you were a resident in 2015 you may reapply in 2016 for the 2017 residency. 

Can I have visitors? 

Yes.  You can have visitors during the day. If visitors stay for dinner we ask for a $20 contribution per meal.  We do not allow visitors to spend the night at Marble House Project since it can be disruptive to the other artists sharing the house. There are many inns, camping grounds and motels in the area, which can be provided upon request.

Can my pet attend with me?

No.  We cannot accommodate pets during the residency sessions. 

Can I apply with my collaborator? 

Yes but we will not accept more than two people as a team and teams generally share studio space. (This only applies for the dates listed above.) If you apply as a team please make it clear on your application. We are opening a Collaborative Residency Program starting Fall 2017. Please sign up for our mailing list for updates on the Collaborative Residency Program.

Do you supply materials?

No.  We do not supply materials but we will help you procure them if necessary.

How do I get there?

Located in Dorset, Vermont we are approximately four hours from New York and Boston. Click here for our transportation document.

Can I choose the dates that I want to come?

No, but you can tell us in the application which dates you are unavailable.

What if I cannot stay for the entire residency?

We ask all of our residents in each session to stay for the full 23 days.  We understand that conflicts occur and there are times when residents need to leave for a day or two.  Each residency is curated with an eye towards cohesion and group dynamic and when residents leave for longer than a day or two it can be disruptive to the group as a whole.  

How many artists and what types are there in each session?

Each session has seven to nine artists.  Each session generally has three visual artists, three writers, one musician and one choreographer/Dancer or Performance artist.   

Can you tell me about the studio spaces?

Each artist is provided with a private studio space.  MHP has a music studio with a baby grand piano, a dance studio with sprung floors and seven additional spaces for writers and visual artists.  With the exception of the dance studio (which is located in Marble House itself) all other studios are in outbuildings on the property. All artist studios have workspace, tables, chairs, lights and high speed Internet.  Artist studios have white walls and areas to pin up artwork. All of the Studio buildings are equipped with a kitchen and bathroom with the exception of the quarry office which is adjacent to the Ice house.    The studio spaces are flexible depending on the size requirements and needs of each individual artist.  Please see studio pictures and map of the property.

Are the studios and living space accessible for persons with disabilities?

If you have a disability, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do you have tools that we can use or must we bring our own?

MHP has a limited number of tools.  We have a chopsaw, table saw, grinders, sanders, a drill press, compressor, a generator and hand tools. We do not provide nails, screws or other items that might be needed for the tools.    

Can you tell me about the living space?

The house is a large 1820s federal home made of local marble. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. There is ample living and dining space, an office with a working printer and a kitchen with all necessary items for communal use. There are washers and dryers, high speed Internet and fans in every room. The house does not have air-conditioning in the summer but does have heat in the winter. The house itself is spacious so artists can spend time both together and alone.  Photos of the house

Will I have my own bedroom?

Each artist has their own private bedroom unless they are working as a team or have applied to the Family Friendly residency where they might share their room with their child or spouse depending on the need. Four bedrooms each have a private bath and four bedrooms share a single bath with one other bedroom.

Do I need to bring sheets, pillows, blankets or towels?

No.  MHP provides sheets, pillows and towels. You may want to bring a swimming towel for the quarry since all of our towels are for bathing.

What else do I need to bring?

You should bring any materials you will need for your practice.  You will want a warm sweater since it can get chilly, especially during April and May and September and October.  A pair of house slippers are recommended since MHP has a no shoes in the house rule.  

Do I need to buy my own food?

No.  You do not need to buy your own food unless there is something out of the ordinary that you will need. Marble House Project provides a large list of staples for the artists.  Artist’s pair up and cook dinner for the rest of the group on weeknights and weekends are free.  MHP cooks a welcome and goodbye dinner and cooks on ART-Seed nights.  

Are there places to shop near Marble House Project?

Yes.  Manchester can provide almost anything needed.  It is a six-minute drive from Marble House Project and has grocery and natural food stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, drug stores and restaurants.  Dorset, a small town with marble sidewalks and just a three-minute drive or ten-minute bike ride has two great general stores, and a farmers market on Sundays.

What else can I do in Dorset?  

Dorset and the surrounding area offers a plethora of activities. There are art shows, world-class theatre, music, hiking and biking trails, quarries, farmers markets and great shopping all amid a rural yet sophisticated backdrop. You can visit the Dorset and or Manchester Website for more information.

What if I don’t have a car?  

Marble House Project has bicycles that residents can use.

What is expected of each resident?

We expect each resident to participate fully in the Marble House Project experience. MHP is a communal environment and it is very important that our residents be respectful of our space and one another.  We do not view our residency as a one-off where artists come and then never return.  We view it as a symbiotic relationship in which place, space and people are made more creative by the environment in which they live.  

Each resident is asked to be very conscious of our environment.  This means among others things, recycling, composting, and turning out lights when not in use and not being wasteful. Residents are expected to clean up after themselves and to leave their bedrooms, bathrooms and studio space in exactly the way they found it.  We ask each resident to participate and attend ART-seed, potentially be a juror for the following years residency program and support each other during the three weeks that they are in attendance. We also require all of our artists to leave a credit card on file in the event of damage and to sign a liability waiver. If work is substantially created at MHP and is published, exhibited or performed we ask for a credit mention.

Although not required, we encourage our artists to donate a piece of work, whether it is a signed book, Cd or piece of art for MHP’s permanent collection and ask that you share your experiences at MHP on your social networks if you have one.

What am I not allowed to do?

You are not allowed to dump toxic materials down the sinks.  You are not allowed to build fires in the houses or studios or use candles.  Smoking is absolutely prohibited in any of the buildings.

What is ART-SEED?

ART-SEED is an intimate, up-close look at artists working within their fields. Although not required, we ask all of our artists to participate in presenting their work to our local community. This takes the form of open studios, performance, readings and a question and answer period.   ART-seed happens every Tuesday at 6pm during the residency season in our event space and is free and open to the public.   

How is the farm program related to the artist residency?

Although not required, each artist is asked to spend at least one hour a week in the garden working with our Director of Sustainable Agriculture. Artists plant, harvest and learn about sustainable agriculture practices and help become stewards of the land.  The farm exists to feed the residents so asking our artists to help with this aspect of our program is essential to its longevity.

Can you tell me specifically about the Family Friendly residency?

MHP has one family friendly residency in 2017. This residency is for 16 days instead of 23.and is designed specifically for artist parents with children.  We understand that there are many parents who cannot or will not leave their children for a length of time and we realize that there are not many residencies that will allow children.  Marble House Project provides art and ecology programming and other physical and enriching activities for the children, weekdays, from 9 till 3pm.  Lunch is also provided so that the parent artists have more time to work uninterrupted in their studios. The staff at MHP also helps prepare dinner meals for the families. Each family is provided one or two bedrooms depending on the age of the child and the needs of the parent.  Programming for the children is for 4yrs and older.  If you are applying for this residency with a child who is younger than four you or your spouse will need to be responsible for the child’s care.   If accepted, there is a $275.00 non-refundable fee upon signing the contract.  There are no other costs associated with the program.