Participating jurors for the 2016 residency
Visual Art: Sculpture and Installation
Benjamin Heller
Naomi Falk
Madora Frey
Kathy Bruce
Anne Senstad
C.C. Anne Chen
Melissa Diaz

Visual Art:Painting, Drawing and Photography
Joel Werring
Stephanie Sequino
Michelle Claire Gevint
Karen Henderson
Talita Zaragoza
Leah Raintree

Visual Art: Multimedia, Video and Performance
Orit Ben-Shitrit
Catherine Page Harris
Margeaux Walter

Writing: Poetry and Plays
Emily Vizzo
Peter Marcus
Amir Parsa
Jari Chevalier

Writing: Fiction
Nicole Miller
Dena Afrasiabi
Peter Ramos

Writing: Non-fiction
Cynthia Penney
Michael Zaretsky
Adrian Parr

Dance and Choreography
Rachael Leonard
Dages Juvelier Keates
Deborah Lohse

Music and Composing
Eugene Uman
Alon Cohen
Bernice Lewis