Spring is the time to plant bare root Raspberries. Last week our delivery arrived from Nourse Farms. They are a great nearby source for all types of berries. We ordered two varieties to get our berry production up and going. One is Killarney, it produces berries in early-mid season. The other one is Nova, a mid season variety. Both have great depth of flavor.

So here’s how you plant your bare root raspberries

  • Pick a location that is in full sun with good air flow. Proper air flow will reduce disease and molding of your fruit.

  • Next prepare your soil. Your bed size will depend on how many berry plants you are starting with. Plants need to be spaced 18-24” apart while rows should be 8-12 feet apart. The width of your mower helps in determining row spacing. Remove all sod from row. Raspberries like a slightly acid soil (ph 6.5-6.8).  Amend soil if necessary

  • Once your bed is prepared dig a trench that is 3-4” deep by 1 foot wide, in the middle of your row.

  • Now it’s time to plant. Remove bare root plants from packing material and place in a pail of water. This helps to stop plants from drying out during planting and rehydrates them. Place your first plant at the head of your row and cover with soil. Plant shallow to encourage roots to sucker. Measure 18-24” from that plant and plant your next one continuing along until finished.

  • Mulch lightly the first year to help keep moisture in and weeds out.

  • Once established a trellis system will help with harvesting. Stay tuned for trellis making 101.