Literature and Revolution

Pratt Institute and Marble House Project invite you to

Literature and Revolutioncelebrating the incendiary visions of a diverse group of radical thinkers from The Graduate Writing Program at Pratt Institute

Saturday, April 1

5 - 7 pm

Marble House Project

1160 Dorset West Road


Performances and readings by:

Joanna Kotze at the 45th Dance on Camera Festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Center

Joanna Kotze in conversation with Lily Baldwin: on Emerging Media- Dance in VR

Saturday, February 4

5:00 PM

 Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

144 West 65th St


On the heels of the premiere at Sundance Film Festival of her new VR project Through You, co-created with Saschka Unseld, choreographer and filmmaker Lily Baldwin joins Dance on Camera Festival for a conversation on dance in VR, providing audiences with a dynamic opportunity to learn from her process and grasp the nuanced articulation of dance in this new medium.

Discussion with Lily Baldwin and dancer Joanna Kotze, moderated by filmmaker, co-founder, partner at Fictionless and producer of Through You, Shruti Ganguly.

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January Exhibitions and Performances from our Alumni

Happening this week


This week, MHP Alumni Wendy Rein and Ryan Smith  of RAWdance will be performing Double Exposure at the Joyce Theater's American Dance Platform. Double Exposure offers a snapshot of the current American contemporary dance landscape in a single evening‑length work. This project breaks all the rules of traditional creative roles, with 16 choreographers and two dancers. Performed in its entirety by RAWdance's Co-Artistic Directors, Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein, it comprises 13 duets created by some of the most intriguing and esteemed choreographers making work along the West Coast today.

Double Exposure
Wednesday, January 4 at 7:30pm
Sunday, January 8 at 2pm
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Also happening this week- 2016 Alumni Joanna Kotze will be presenting It Happened It has Happened It is Happening It will Happen at New York Live Arts

Hailed by the New York Times as “a mind capable of transforming a familiar space into something eerie and unrecognizable,” Kotze presents It Happened It Had Happened It Is Happening It Will Happen. In this piece, Kotze and her two collaborating performers, Stuart Singer and Netta Yerushalmy confront the seductiveness of classifying, ordering, and structuring, while attempting to hold onto the character of the unnameable, vulnerable, and imaginable. Kotze is the recipient of the 2013 New York Dance and Performance Bessie Award for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer, nominated after the Danspace Project premiere of It Happened Kotze has been commissioned by Live Arts as part of the Live Feed creative residency program for a new work, Panorama 39-42, to premiere in spring 2018.

Sunday, January 8th at 1pm
Monday, January 9th at 4:30pm
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Benjamin Heller's new exhibition Echo and Convergence opens this month at Robin Rice Gallery. In his latest show, Benjamin invites us to enter a poetic space where the places of intimacy and sense of vastness contained in the photographs convey a sense of transport. The "echoes" we find in the show reside in multiplicities of human and physical forms, rolling natural curves, and animals in flight; all intended to provide a resonance with the contours of earth, water, and wind. 

Opening Reception
Wednesday, January 11th
6pm to 8 pm
exhibition on view through February 26th

Photo courtesy of Whitney Browne

Photo courtesy of Whitney Browne

Deborah Loshe Presents B.A.N.G.S.: made in america with her collaborative trio LMn03. This, their first evening-length piece, was commissioned by Dance Now NYC and premiered in February 2016 at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater. 

B.A.N.G.S.: made in america                                                                                               Sun Jan 8th at 9pm
Arts on Site
12 St. Marks Place, Studio 3F              

A scene from B.A.N.G.S.: made in america   will be included in the Lumberyard January Showcase at New York Live Arts

 Mon Jan 9 at 6:00
New York Live Arts
219 W 19th St.
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Maureen Mcquillan is part of a group exhibition at Margaret Thatcher Projects opening January 7. The group exhibition Hoping for Clear Skies, is inspired by Thomas Hardy’s sonnet “At a Lunar Eclipse”. The exhibition will include works by six female artists Jaq Belcher, Lula Mae Blocton, Maureen McQuillan, Maria Park, Heidi Spector and Heidi Von Wieren. Each artist’s work reflects aspects of Hardy’s sonnet; a simple observation of life, the tone of questionable dismay at the trivia of life, the conviction that mankind is not less, but infinitely more, and the Sonnet’s humanist tones of worth, wonder and warmth. Through the work, practice and process of these six artists, Hoping for Clear Skies explores the multifaceted and multilayered possibilities of navigating through an ever-changing landscape.

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 12th
6pm to 8 pm
exhibition on view through February 11th


Marisa Smith debuts She Exits, Laughing at New Works Now 4.0, A Festival of free Staged Play Readings by Northern Stage. Smith, a longtime Northern Stage favorite, writes a hilarious and deeply perceptive story of aging gracefully (or sometimes not so gracefully) and how we try to care for one another in the face of the inevitable. Smith brings to bear her signature brand of humor and acuteness of language to leave us laughing and crying all at once.


She Exits, Laughing
January 7 at 7:30 PM
Northern Stage

74 Gates Street
White River Junction, VT 05001
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Please Welcome Tali Wertheimer as our Executive Director

               "We have inherited a history where technology has been opposed to and indeed dominated over nature. Now it is our opportunity to change course and put technology in service of our highest ideals"   - Tali Wertheimer      

"Lia Chavez: Light Body", 2016. Live dance performance. A commission by Isabella Rossellini. Curated by Tali Wertheimer. Presented by Beverly Allan and Nur Elektra El Shami at the Farm of Isabella Rossellini. Brookhaven Hamlet, NY USA. July 23, 2016. Duration: 45 minutes. Featuring costumes by Mary Katrantzou. Photos and film documentation by Ira Lippke. Image © Lia Chavez.

"Lia Chavez: Light Body", 2016. Live dance performance. A commission by Isabella Rossellini. Curated by Tali Wertheimer. Presented by Beverly Allan and Nur Elektra El Shami at the Farm of Isabella Rossellini. Brookhaven Hamlet, NY USA. July 23, 2016. Duration: 45 minutes. Featuring costumes by Mary Katrantzou. Photos and film documentation by Ira Lippke. Image © Lia Chavez.

Please join us in welcoming Tali Wertheimer as our new Executive Director. Tali comes to Marble House Project from Two Rams Gallery (NY/London), where she was Director and Curator. Her exhibitions have been praised by W Magazine, ArtForum, Modern Painters, and the Wall Street Journal among others.   Prior to Two Rams Gallery, Tali worked in Special Events and Developmentat Performa. She organized over 100 events showcasing artist works to the broader community and played a key role in fundraising for the Performa 13 biennial.  She has also held positions at Metro pictures and Sotheby’s.  With a degree in Art History and Economics from New York University and having studied Sustainable Design at FIT, Tali's philosophy is to immerse herself in the artists own research, provide an opportunity for artists to take risks, and to bring nature and culture into symbiosis.  We are very excited to have Tali join our team.  


Preparing the Garden for Winter


Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The Sugar and Red Maples are in their full glory, painting the hillsides bright shades of yellows and reds. The hot days of summer are gone and It’s time to get the garden ready for winter. Our more importantly having it ready to go for next spring’s crops.

Soil Test: Now is a good time to have a soil test done to determine if your soil will benefit from amendments.  A soil test will tell you the pH, acidity or. alkalinity of your soil, level of organic matter and basic nutrient levels. The most important is your pH. If you pH is not between 6-7 you will need to adjust accordingly. Know is the perfect time because it takes months for the pH to adjust itself.

Cleaning: Pull up old vines and vegetable plants.  Insect pests that feed on these plants during summer and fall often lay eggs on the old plants.  If the vines are left on the soil surface, insect eggs will survive the winter and hatch in the spring. The same is true for fungus. If your squash had powdery mildew and you leave the vines all winter you are guaranteeing you will have it again next year. Any diseased plant material should be burned and not added to the compost pile since most home compost piles don’t get hot enough to kill these pathogens.

Weeding: There are more reasons than aesthetics to get rid of weeds in your garden.Lambsquarters, for example can bear up to 72,500 seeds per plant.  If even 50% of the seedlings germinated next spring, you'd have 36,250 plants to pull or otherwise get rid of. It’s much easier to reduce keep your population now then to be inundated to spring.

Planting: October is garlic planting time for us. Plant bulbs 6-inches apart and 4-inches deep, add a light layer of mulch at planting time, and follow with a substantial mulch layer after the ground freezes and the plants are dormant. Make sure to plant your garlic in a new spot in the garden every year.

Topdressing:The vast majority of gardens can benefit from the addition of organic matter in the fall. Good things to use are shredded leaves, compost or aged manure.

Finally it’s time to reflect on your year and review your triumphs and failures.

What did you have too much of, what did you have too little of , what did or didn’t grow well. Keeping a garden journal will help you be a better gardener from year to year.