Indonesian Farm to Table with Felisia Tandiono
6:00 pm18:00

Indonesian Farm to Table with Felisia Tandiono

  • Marble House Project event barn

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE  Price per person is $75.  

 Felisia Tandiono will take us into a mini journey of exploring the cuisine and flavors of Indonesia. In this series, we will be looking through different lenses for a glimpse of Indonesian food culture and cooking. The experience looks for an engaging, open conversations regarding migrations, translations, colonialism, identities, accessabilities, community, traditions, adaptations, generations, sustainaibilities and authenticities. It will be fresh, vibrant, salty, sweet, spicy, sour (sometimes with a touch of bitterness), and, Indonesian-specific, umami (hint: it's funky and shellfish-y). Today's Farm-to-Table Dinner is a presentation of flavors and cooking technique of Bali, a dream island, the island of Gods, the sacred island, among its many nicknames. Balinese cuisine involves fragrant, fresh ingredients that capture its tropical surroundings and ritualistic culture. Tonight's feast will feature a tropical-style dinner over banana-leaves covered long table. There will be Pig Roast and Whole Roast Duck along with bountiful vegetables all prepared Balinese style.

Friends & Family Community Table: Open Fire Paella Dinner
5:30 pm17:30

Friends & Family Community Table: Open Fire Paella Dinner

  • Thursday, July 27, 2017
  • 5:30pm  8:00pm

Laura’s Friends & Family Community Mealwill bring together several of her interests during her residency at the Marble House Project. Working with local, sustainable & seasonal fare Laura will create a community meal featuring the techniques of Francis Mallmann, the renown Argentine chef who specialized in Patagonian methods of barbecuing food. 

The dinner will feature poultry & vegetable Paella cooked over fire, in ash & with smoke along with preserved vegetables & a charred desert. Sangria will be included.  This meal will be a beautiful adventure that friends & families will enjoy & remember for a long time to come.    

Adults  $55

Children $15 (7 - 16)

Under 6  free


Farm Family Meal with Emilie Baltz and Alicia Walter
6:00 pm18:00

Farm Family Meal with Emilie Baltz and Alicia Walter

  • Thursday, June 8, 2017
  • 6:00pm  8:30pm


About Emilie Baltz and Alicia Walter

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Price per person $80  

Join us for a taste of the life of a forager and farmer while you help gather the ingredients for our first course. Then settle in the barn for a multi-course meal featuring local producers including Larson Farm, Pink Boot Farm, Consider Bardwell, Woodcock Farm Cheese Company and the gardens of the Marble House Project. 


Local Cheese Plate

Potager Salad

Pork + Rhubarb

Asparagus + Turnip Mash

Panna Cotta + Sablé

Wine will be included with the meal.  A portion of your ticket is tax deductible.  


Farm to table dinner with Winston Chiu
6:00 pm18:00

Farm to table dinner with Winston Chiu

  • Thursday, May 11, 2017 at Marble House Project
  • 6:00pm  8:30pm 

Winston Chiu will use  local produce & products to feature a dinner with an exploration of Ancient cooking techniques that lends itself to sustainability & emphasis on waste reduction. The techniques will be gathered from various cultural influences around the world, with flavors focused on the eclectic blend of Cantonese & British Cuisine that Chef Winston grew up with.

Dinner will begin at 6pm with multiple courses in the event barn at Marble House Project.  Wine will be included with the meal.     A portion of your ticket price will be tax deductible.  $95 per person

Read more about Winston Chiu