The culinary artist residency runs concurrently with the artist residency so that both Chef and Artists can interact and learn from  one another.  Culinary artists will live in the house with our artist residents.  For more details please visit our FAQ page.  All applicants will be notified by email on or before February 15th, 2018.  Deadline to apply is midnight, December 31, 2018.  There is a $30 application fee. Applications will reopen in October, 2018.

RESIDENCY DATES    (dates may be subject to change)

4/16 - 5/9

5/14 - 6/6

6/11 - 7/4

7/16 - 8/1  Family Friendly Only       

8/6 - 8/29

9/3 - 9/26

10/8 - 10/31

An interview may be requested prior to acceptance.  

Apply Here for the Culinary Arts Residency.


The commercialization of nutrition has led to an industry that substitutes bioavailable nutrients for a long list of preservatives and additives. In this culture of non-food, our chefs are a beacon of hope for a future of healthy eating. With that in mind, we founded the culinary arts residencyto provide an opportunity for experimentation and leadership. Chefs are invited to Marble House Project to innovate a sustainable culinary  culture for the 21st Century.

Each culinary artist will have ample time to become familiar with Dorset and surrounding areas, meet farmers and other organic purveyors and delve into their own food creations and aesthetics. Chefs will be given a professional kitchen near the garden to use as their studio space during their residency. Occasionally, Marble House Project has other events where the kitchen may need to be shared. Chefs will have access to the organic farm at Marble House Project to source their ingredients and they have the option of working with our farmers to learn more about cultivation and harvest. 

During the residency, chefs will present a farm to table dinner or some other food related experience on the final Saturday of the residency. Marble House Project will cover costs associated with this event.  Chefs are not responsible for cooking for the artists residents but they will be paired with the artists for meal making two or three times during the residency.  The only exception is the family friendly residency where they will need to supervise and help cook all evening meals.  For this residency a small stipend will be offered.  

This structure provides ample opportunity for chefs to play with food while developing essential community engagement and  furthering their understanding of sustainable practice.