Please choose the application that best fits your practice. If your discipline is not best served by the forms below, email  Applications are now closed and will reopen in the fall.


 Painting /Drawing/Photography

 Sculpture and Installation 

 Film and Video


Music Composition/Sound Art

Performing Arts







Culinary Arts



Marble House Project is a multi-disciplinary artist residency program located in Dorset, Vermont.  Applications are accepted in all creative fields.  This includes but is not limited to visual arts, writing, choreography, music composition and performance.   Each session has eight to ten artists, creating small, dynamic interactive groups. Residents are selected by a jury process composed of past-years residents, staff and members of the board. Artists are selected based on the quality and commitment to their work and their project description.  Each session is specifically curated in order to maximize the art residency experience for each individual artist.  Marble House Project accepts approximately sixty artists each season. Five spots are reserved for Vermont residents and there is a family friendly residency specifically designed for parent artists with children. There is a $30 application fee.  All applicants will be notified by email on or before February 15th, 2018.  Deadline to apply is midnight, December 31, 2018.  For more information about the residency please visit our FAQ page.  Applications will reopen in October of 2018 for our 2019 artist in residency season.


Residency dates 2018.   Dates may be subject  to change

4/16 - 5/9

5/14 - 6/6

6/11 - 7/4

7/16 - 8/1  Family Friendly Only       

8/6 - 8/29

9/3 - 9/26

10/8 - 10/31