Future Family Culinary Workshop with Emilie Baltz and Alicia Walter


 How can we reimagine our every day? We eat everyday - sometimes alone, sometimes together. As a solitary or collective act, a meal means more than caloric consumption. At its best, it is a symphony of emotions, forms and flavors, while at its worst, we leave with bitter taste and twisted bellies. The original dining service has origins in “Service à la française” (French, "service in the French style"). It is the practice of serving various dishes of a meal at the same time. In contrast to service à la russe ("service in the Russian style") in which dishes are brought sequentially and served individually, formal dinners from the Middle Ages to the 19th century were served à la française. This tradition trickled down all the way into less formal, contemporary restaurants, who embraced this style for its efficiency and conviviality, calling it “Family Style” meal. In the 1950’s the family meal morphed into the “buffet”, a similar style of service in which all of the food is available, at the correct temperature, but now served outside of the dining table. In this workshop, we will explore the origins of the family meal, both its gastronomic and quotidian forms, as well as dig into the meaning, currency and challenges that “family” implicates. With this landscape in mind, we will create a “Future Family Meal” together by reimagining the recipes, services and vessels that might emerge in this new context. We will use mixed media, alongside ingredients, to create recipes, services and vessels that together create a final banquet that pays homage to the next generation of Family. This workshop is open to all levels and only requires a curious mind, open palette and willingness to experiment together.  Price per person $55.