Performance by Slinko and Screening with Gina Kamentsky

Slinko is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Ukraine, and now working and living in New Jersey. Slinko studied painting at Kharkiv Institute of Industrial Art, graphic design at Fashion Institute of Technology, and has an MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Slinko’s work takes on different approaches ranging from anthropological fieldwork to improv performance. Mining discarded ideas, failed dreams, and abandoned hopes, Slinko is preoccupied with giving graspable forms to ambiguities of human experience. Whether the projects take place at a market square in Marrakech, across Eastern Ukraine, or in a small town of Maine, Slinko lets real-life situations guide the work. Often inspired by specific cultural, and political contexts, Slinko merges storytelling, sculpture, and moving images to pay tribute to everyday resilience, solidarity, and humor. READ MORE

Gina Kamentsky’s first animated film was produced when she was 12 using a Bell and Howell 8mm camera and drawing on recycled computer paper. Since then she has been passionate about creating animation and has progressed through a variety of narrative and experimental forms. In her most recent work she draws and paints images directly on film stock, a technique known as direct animation. Her experimental films explore relationships between surface, representation and rhythm. Her animation work has screened at numerous festivals including Annecy, Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Ann Arbor Film Festival. In addition, she is the co-director of the short film “Traffic Stop” for POV. Which was recently nominated for an Emmy.