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ArtTherapy/ Reiki Healing Retreat


Workshop + Reiki 1 Attunements:  $750
Workshop for those already Reiki Attuned: $600    Register here

* Participants will learn to pay special attention to visual imagery and sensation as it arises in the exchange between Reiki Practitioner and client. 
*Art making and imagery will be considered from a depth psychology perspective
*Participants will learn about how color, line, shape and texture in the art making process can externalize, contain and mirror the inner and energetic experience of Reiki Healing. 
*Participants will learn sensitive and boundaried communication in the treatment process. 

Robyn Olds, MPS, LCAT is a Creative Arts Therapist and Advanced Reiki Practitioner. She received her master's degree in Creative Arts Therapy and Creativity Development at Pratt Institute and her Reiki training at Maha Rose Center for Healing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She has been combining both of these modalities in monthly Reiki/Art groups devoted to exploring the healing potential of visual Intuition and image making in Reiki treatment. She also leads I Ching art groups exploring synchronicity and archetypal patterns. 

For more information (detailed itenerary, transportation) please contact Robyn at: 
646-963-1169 or

November 2nd-5th Fall ArtTherapy/ Reiki Healing Retreat
*Reiki 1 Class Attunements for LCAT's wishing to practice Reiki Healing
This 3 day workshop for Reiki Practitioners and Creative Arts Therapists will take place at the beautiful, Marble House Project In Dorset, Vermont. Participants will learn about the integration of Reiki Healing and Creative Arts Therapy and how artmaking and imagery can be used to enhance the treatment exchange. As reiki energy flows between practitioner and client, colors, sensations, and imagery often emerge that can provide useful information about where the client is blocked or wishing to shift to move toward greater balance and wholeness. Artmaking before and after Reiki treatments can provide a vivid integration of the treatment process and provide a bridge to future sessions. Workshop participants will learn respectful, boundaried communication before and after session. This workshop/retreat is for those looking to further enhance their personal healing practice and for Reiki Practitioners and Creative Arts Therapists wishing to explore and combine imagery and energy healing into their practice. Meals and lodging included along with daily nature walks, meditation, and yoga.